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Personality Disorders

Complex personality disorders and borderline personality disorder treatment in Massachusetts is something many people need. At Atlantic Behavioral Health, it’s something we can certainly provide. For those dealing with these life-changing mental health challenges, understanding what personality disorder is has to be paramount, and that’s something the experts at our outpatient treatment center may be able to help with; we know these conditions, and we know that we can help.

No matter what your symptoms might be or what the most effective treatments are, we’ll work with you to come up with the an ideal treatment plan that helps you as an individual, whether you’re one of the many young adults struggling with personality disorders, an older person, or anyone in between. Here is some information about the condition, what can help, and what we can offer to ensure you get the best treatment options.

Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment
Outpatient Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder

Do You Qualify?

When it comes to IOSs, not everyone can take part and go through a BPD treatment program for behavioral health. You will need to get in touch to find out more.  Please call us today.

What Is Personality Disorder?

To understand more about personality disorder, its causes, and the telltale symptoms, we need to look more closely at the situation as a whole.

Who Is Affected?

Personality disorders don’t discriminate, and people of all ages, backgrounds, and health levels can be affected. These disorders, which include borderline personality disorder, can stem from all kinds of biological, genetic, and environmental situations and factors, so it’s impossible to determine just who is at risk of developing it. The truth is that anyone can be affected, and if you or a family member need help for any kind of personality disorder, you should reach out to our professional team.

Symptoms Of Borderline Personality Disorder

The thing to remember and be aware of when it comes to personality disorder symptoms is that there are many of them – and everyone will experience these mental health issues differently. However, some of the main symptoms of personality disorder include intense emotions leading to mood swings that easily and quickly disrupt daily life and normal routines. This can mean that interpersonal relationships become strained because emotional regulation is difficult, for example.

Some people with personality disorders also exhibit self-harm tendencies, which is why learning coping strategies and distress tolerance skills is vital to reduce the risk of self-injury. The problem is that substance abuse can become a coping mechanism, which is dangerous; it’s why it’s best to get professional assistance and not try to self-medicate in any way.

Knowing the wide array of mental health issues associated with personality disorders, including borderline personality disorder, is crucial. From anxiety disorders to mood disorders and even dual diagnosis situations, these conditions do need expert help to guide patients in the right way.

Treatment For Personality Disorder

When it comes to addressing personality disorders, there are many personality disorder treatment options available. Everyone’s journey in the recovery process is different, which is why it’s so important to find the right therapy or combination of therapies and treatments as soon as possible. Here are some to consider.

Cognitive behavioral therapy sessions can be the ideal way to go through the healing process when you have a personality disorder. When you do CBT, you’ll learn to manage difficult emotions much more easily, and you’ll get comprehensive treatment when it comes to distress tolerance. This kind of work is particularly good when it’s used to address anxiety disorders and mood swings often co-occurring with borderline personality disorder. Essentially, through CBT, people can learn to get past their mental health challenges and find more stable relationships in the future, as well as be happier in themselves and their lives.

This whole-person approach means that if you are suffering from anything on top of major depression, such as eating disorders, behavioral health, and other underlying issues, it will all be treated, offering you the very best chance of recovery with depression treatment. You’ll also be able to speak to a lot of different people, including social workers and case management experts who can guide you, alongside the wonderful medical experts on hand at all times – this gives you a true picture of your health and mental illness and ensures you have all the tools you need to help you.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is specifically designed for those with borderline personality disorder (BPD), and it takes cognitive behavioral techniques and mixes them with mindfulness and acceptance strategies. In other words, dialectical behavioral therapy gives people with borderline personality disorder the right skills they need to reduce self-harm, deal with eating disorders, make their emotions easier to regulate, and offer them a chance to understand more about interpersonal effectiveness so that relationship difficulties are less likely and their behavioral health can be improved. When it comes to borderline personality disorder treatment, this can be ideal for the best mental health care.

Psychotherapy encompasses a huge range of different therapy options that can take place in a borderline personality disorder treatment center. Individual therapy, for example, means that people can have a more personalized approach to their treatment for personality disorder, and they can talk one-on-one to specialists and therapists about what they’re feeling and what their triggers are.

Group therapy is about creating a sense of community, and it’s not going to be the right thing for everyone, but it could be ideal for some who prefer company and compassionate professionals to help them rather than speaking to someone one-on-one. With this, young adults and others will feel less isolated knowing there are others out there just like them (or similar), which can be motivating and encouraging.

Both of these types of therapy will give people the chance to learn and practice coping skills in a highly supportive environment.

This can make your health much worse, both in terms of mental illness and physical health, especially if you have a dual diagnosis, which is why it’s best to leave medication management to the experts.

This kind of therapy acknowledges how important it is for those with a personality disorder to work with their loved ones to get the support and stability they need in interpersonal relationships. The thing to remember about borderline personality disorder is that it can affect many relationships negatively, but with family-based therapy, this can be worked through so that communication is improved, boundaries are set, and there is a lot more understanding.

This can make your health much worse, both in terms of mental illness and physical health, especially if you have a dual diagnosis, which is why it’s best to leave medication management to the experts.

When combined with other borderline personality disorder treatment options, medication can work well and will help to manage various symptoms or co-occurring conditions like mood swings.

Treating borderline personality disorder with medication can include mood stabilizers, antidepressants, or perhaps antipsychotic drugs, depending on the severity of the borderline personality disorder. Medication management is typically combined with psychotherapy to provide a comprehensive treatment plan. Remember, it’s vital for anyone with a personality disorder to seek medical advice before starting medication, as it might not be right for you and needs to be prescribed and controlled by a medical professional if you are to use it as a personality disorder treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Services For Personality Disorder Treatment

When it comes to borderline personality disorder treatment, especially in Massachusetts, an intensive outpatient service (IOS) or evening IOS can be the ideal treatment process rather than a residential treatment center. Atlantic Behavioral Health treatment center programs offer highly effective and versatile solutions for all those who qualify to take part in them, and here are some of the reasons why our outpatient program is so beneficial.


IOSs recognize that no two people with a personality disorder will be the same. Whether it’s different symptoms, goals, or anything else, that means flexibility in a treatment center and when attending treatment like therapy can be vital. This flexible way of working is what you can get in an IOS, and individual treatment programs will be designed for each person. These treatment program ideas will cater to each person’s needs, and the personalized approach means that therapy sessions and interventions are specifically tailored to address each person’s unique challenges and strengths.

Giving People Power

IOSs can also be useful because they give those with borderline personality disorder seeking treatment power over their condition and their treatment program. By offering choices, such as whether to have nutritional counseling and involving patients in decision-making, IOSs create a real sense of ownership and responsibility regarding recovery from mental illnesses, and this can be vital in ensuring people have the motivation to do what’s needed and to feel more in control.

Maintaining Daily Life Routines

Another excellent reason to choose an IOS when you have borderline personality disorder and need personality disorder treatment is that it allows people to carry on with their usual routines. This continuity helps and makes a big difference when it comes to feeling in control and keeping everything together, including your physical health. After all, everyone has responsibilities, whether they’re work, school, family, relationships, or anything else, so being able to do these things and still get help from a personality disorder treatment center is fantastic.

Comprehensive Care

IOSs offer a full range of care options and treatments that address both the mental and emotional regulation aspects of having a personality disorder, including severe personality disorders. These programs offer professional assistance when it comes to using evidence-based treatment like dialectical behavior therapy, CBT, and group sessions, for example.

Continued Support

Recovery from borderline personality disorder is an ongoing process, and an intensive treatment center can offer ongoing support, which might include a partial hospitalization program if need be, over and above inpatient care and residential treatment. This means people will always have the tools they need to stay well in the future in outpatient settings. or 

Contact Us For Help With Borderline Personality Disorder

If you, a friend, or a family member in Massachusetts need help to deal with the challenges that come with borderline personality disorder, please get in touch with us today for mental health treatment that works. We want you to know that you don’t have to go through this mental illness alone, and we’re specialists when it comes to treating individuals with evidence-based therapies and giving them new coping skills, thanks to our incredible treatment team.

No matter what your symptoms are, from intense fear to intense emotions, we have several treatment programs that can help. Contact us today to start your BPD treatment and get your bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, or other mental health treatment needs under control.

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